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Disruptive Innovation for the US Military

Our Mission

  • Who: Washington State based, US Marines Veteran majority owned company.

  • What: Targeting sovereign solutions for the US defense sector.

  • How: By using AI, automation and IoT to create disruptive solutions, to put the enemy off-balance. By bringing to the US defense market high potential solutions from civilian / NATO markets.

  • Why: Focused on warfighter-driven innovation, not tech-driven.

Our Approach Of Disruption

  • Solutions have to be human centered: extend the warfighter's brain and presence.

  • Solutions have to focus on the end result, not a show of strength. We employ stealth and aim at tiring the enemy.

  • Solutions should focus on long term results: It's all about data superiority and efficient logistics.

Maren-go Product Lines

AI + Hive &

Autonomous vehicles/drones working as a hive to make our military more agile.


Making the front line more efficient and reducing exposure and allow more flexibility.

Drone + Piloted Transportation

Multi-role drone-piloted vehicle focused on stealth and agility.

AI Sensor Border Protection

Saturating a contested area with a network of autonomous sensors


Interfaces made for warfighters.

Our Contracting Advantages

Our certifications include being CMMC level 3 ready

We are proud to serve as a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business

Experienced and extensive proposal writing: our lead writer has had hundreds of US-DoD proposals accepted

In-house cybersecurity skills include certifications such as: DoD IAM Level III: CISSP, CISM, DoD CSSP: CEH, CISM, CMMC: CMMC-RP, with CMMC-CP pending

Sentien Robotics

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Recent Efforts

Check out this Maren-Go Autonomous Airfield Logistics deployed on a USAF base

Past Contracts

Air Force

  • Hive AI Logistics Demonstrator

  • Autonomous Rover Airfield Distribution and Operations Support

  • Emergent Intelligence Countering Biothreats: Proof of Concept with Anti-COVID-19 Therapies


  • Demonstrator of Swarm Behaviors of sUAS for ISR and "Red Cell"

  • Drone Delivery of Consumer Goods in remote islands under Drone Pack as a Service

  • Multi-Delivery Drone under Drone Pack as a Service delivering CBRN Sensors and Material

  • Semi-Autonomous Hawkeye 105mm Howitzer Demonstration

  • Custom Controller for group 2 UAS

  • Custom Controller and autonomy for off-road ground vehicle

  • Custom Controller for transitional group 1 UAS

  • Custom Controller for VTOL group 1 UAS

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